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Xeniya’s Grandfather had “too many friends”

My grandfather from mother’s side was named Vladimir Onishenko, he was born in 1935 in Semipalatinsk (East Kazakhstan) in family of officer Grigoriy and housewife Mariya. His father was Ukrainian, mother was Jewish.

I know interesting fact about my grandfather’s and his sisters’ life – they sewed mittens then sent them to Soviet soldiers while Second World War. His profession was vet, he graduated from Vet Institute. He was one of the first leavers of this Institute. Also he met with my grandmother in Institute. Her name was Liliya. After graduation he studied selection of cattle. He liked animals a lot, he saved the life of roebuck, an animal hurt by a poacher. He had The Rank of Candidate of Zoological Science, The Medal of Lenin. because he was a communist. Therefore he worked as a head of local administration is State of Semipalatinsk.

By the time he had two children – my mother and uncle. Due to his work they moved from village to village. My grandfather had the hobbies such as fishing, hunting and cars. He spent much time in a forests, lakes, rivers etc. He loved his 4 grandchildren – one boy and three girls. It’s a pity that he died. It was in 1995 and at that time I was only 5 years old.

My grandfather was much respected because he was very simple person. He could help everyone and did it. He had too many friends. They often went to parties, fishing, hiking and they loved played card games. He was kind, clever and smart. I remember how he told me very interesting fairytales. He loved my grandmother very much. She worked with him, helped and supported. They respected each other.

In conclusion, it’s clear to say that I love my grandparents from two sides. Each of them is an example of wisdom, kindness and honour. They will be always in my heart and memory.

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