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Gulsezim’s Grandfather’s Name was Khalel

Each of us in the world appreciate our roots. One of those whose name is impossible to forget is my grandfather’s name Khalel. He is an irreplaceable pride for me. Because he was one of those people who saw that war under fear of death, starvation, pain and loss. 

But despite all this terrors only devotion to the people and aspiration to a happy new life with bright sky could help finish the war and start a new era.

 My grandfather was born in 1917 in a small village which is situated in the west part of Kazakhstan. As far as I know, my grandfather and my grandmother lived at the time Soviet Union formation, and there was a forfeiture of property, so that their lives were full of suffering.  

Unfortunately, I have never seen my grandfather because he died far a long before my birth.

During the war he was wounded that is why he could not walk. Despite of his ache in his leg he walked with two cords and sang a song.  

I think my grandfather was a man full of friends and cleverness. All our relatives congratulated him every victory day before his death. It is a pity that I cannot see my grandfather but sometimes I think everything can be differently. As it is said “a good man is taken , but all good things are not forgotten”. So my grandfather’s name is never forgotten too.  

He is a hero and pride for me because such people as he presented us life without tears.

My grandfather will be always in my mind and my children and grandchildren will know about heroic action of their grand-grandfather.  

I pray god let never be that terror our grandparents saw. Let always be peace and never repeat the war in the history.

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