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Photos: Volunteers and Rainbows

P9290558I am very thankful to volunteers (Peace Corps volunteers most specifically) but many other lecturers who have volunteered their time from their busy schedules to come and talk to my masters students in their “Speaking and Listening” classes. 

The other night we had the Peace Corps Country Director, John Sasser, and his wife Nancy, come and talk about franchisees and franchisors.  John candidly shared about his own personal experience with my group of 20 MA students. He talked on how he brought a failed, bankrupt business back to viable success before he and his partners sold out.  He claimed the key elements in his partnership with four other people were C.I.T.I = Caring–Integrity–Teamwork–Intensity.  Another way of saying TRUST!P9270556

These three girls are Peace Corps volunteers (PCV)in Kazakhstan (note map in the background)  PCVs are always ready to say yes when there is food, they are not paid much per month because they are supposedly to live on the local level.  My heart goes out to these brave volunteers since I was a PCV once a long time ago in the Philippines.

Last Saturday evening after a whole day of rain, there was a beautiful rainbow in the eastern sky.  I had guests over for dinner that evening and Emma and I were able to witness the rainbow, the other two guests missed out because they were going after a bottle of wine for our meal.  Moral of story, well there is none, but it is better to be a volunteer than a “taker.” (Refer to yesterday’s blog) A rainbow promises hope for the future, as teachers, we are dealing with the future of Kazakhstan all the time. 


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