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Daniya’s Favorite Grandma was a Reluctant Bride

     Today I want to tell about my favorite grandmother. Her name is Damet Artykbayeva. She was born in the North Kazakhstan, in Karaganda city, in 1939. There were many children in her family: 6 sisters and just only one brother. For a long time she was living in Karaganda: she graduated from school in this city and entered to the pedagogical university. After graduating university, she became a teacher of mathematics. And from this time mathematics is one of the important things in her life. Sometimes when she feels herself unwell she starts to do some mathematical exercises and in a few time we see that she is becoming to be full of energy and power.

     In 1961 my grandmother met my grandfather. And this meeting changed all her life because they were going out for 3 years, till 1964 and in May 1964 they got married. My grandmother doesn’t like to talk about their marriage because she starts to feel embarrassed. But my grandfather always tells me about it. As I know my grandfather for three years was saying about the marriage but my grandmother didn’t want to accept this proposal. And in 1964 my grandfather decided that they have to get married. He’d sent invitations about their marriage to all friends and relatives and after that came to my grandmother and said that they will get married. And of course she accepted this proposal.

     In 1966 they had their first child, my aunt. They gave her name – Mendigul. And in 1969 was born my mother, Leyla. A few years later my grandmother born a third girl but she was ill and died in few weeks. That is why my grandparents have only 2 children.

     Since 1964 to 1997 my grandmother and grandfather had been living in Central Kazakhstan, in small town called Zhezkazgan. There my grandmother was working as a headmaster and was giving private lessons.

     In 1997 they moved to Almaty. My family is living there and after this time we were spending lots of hours with grandmother. As I remember all my school years, at holidays grandmother woke me up in early morning and we started to do math exercises. Also she’s brought me up, has given me my pocket money and bought sweets.

     I really love my grandmother. I’m grateful to her for everything she has done for me and I hope that she will be with us for a long time.

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