Nurlan’s Grand-grandfather was from the famous Adai tribe

     My grand-grand father’s name is Zhalgaspai. He was born in 1837 in the village in south-western Kazakhstan region, which is now called Mangistau oblast. At those times, people kept nomadic way of life and were ruled by the khan. So they often traveled from south-western Kazakh lands to up north by Russian Empire’s territory Orenburgskaya gubernya.

     Zhalgaspai was a very rich man. He was born in the aristocratic family and belonged to the famous tribe called Adai of the Smaller Zhuz. The Adai tribe is famous for its bravery during the massive attacks of Mongols and other enemies of Kazakh people in the medieval. During the Soviet times they also contributed to the gaining of the independence of Kazakh land from Soviet power.

     Zhalgaspai’s father was a head of the village and owned an enormous number of horses. He died early during Zhalgaspai’s childhood. Even though Zhalgaspai was too young to take care of all the cattle and the village, he became engaged in politics of the village and other regions in the age of sixteen. Later on he was elected as a head of the village. Zhalgaspai was well-known and respected in that area for being very generous man who helps poor people and for his ability to wisely solve conflicts concerning pasture lands between villages. Unfortunately, during the crisis time in Soviet Union most of the Zhalgaspai’s fortune was seized by Bolsheviks. Later he was killed by Bolsheviks under the massive killing of all rich and educated people of Kazakhstan during the early 1900’s.

     I’m very proud of my grand-grand father, as he was a good son of his people and contributed to the development of his community. People were telling legends about the greatness of the number of his horses. According to one of the legends, the sound of the running horses of Zhalgaspai could be heard several miles away in the neighboring villages.

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  1. 1

    batirkhan said,

    All these family history stories, priceless!!!

  2. 2

    ALASH said,

    Hi dear friend. Material was interesting., I am also giving ADAY KAZAKH who live in Iran.

  3. 3

    kazaknomad said,

    Alash, are you in some way related to the Aday Kazakh? You probably have good stories that have been handed down to you from generation to generation.

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