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My Writing Students’ Responses to “Select Fit”

Galina – The movie clip draws our attention to such inborn personal quality as egoism.  It shows that self-centered people will always try to adapt this world to themselves no matter what others may say.  The clip shows an example of what we all deny, i.e. us being egoistic ourselves.  The most interesting part of the scene is where the man edits the tape to get “You-Are-Everything.”  I believe that this represents the director’s main idea.  I think the film is an appeal to stop concentrating on oneself and start looking out for the world that is around.  No matter how difficult one may think his “miserable” life is, there are people out there who deserve our attention and care…the director is trying to make his audience find a reflection of themselves in the main character of the film.


Rustam – this video clip is about one man who always uses drugs.  One day when he was sitting in a video station, he saw two angels who had started to tell him about helping people and not using drugs…I think this film is really about helping other people, and do not affect them.  Maybe it shows that some bad habits, time and money which persons for them, is really stupid, because person can use them for positive things.  I think that last moment of this film shows that the director really wants to show that… You…are… NOT…everything.


Viktoriya – the movie is about the importance of the society to the single person, and about people’s perception to understand only what they want to understand and to hear only the filtered speech, neglecting what is really important…director is trying to say to his audience: “Listen, don’t be egoistic, be a better human.”


Daniyar – This movie clip describes the angels’ attempt to explain to drug addicted person that all people are alike and he is not special. The most interesting part of the film is the end when we realize that the man didn’t listen to the angels but searched for words that fit him.  He didn’t listen.  It’s my view that the film explains that in real life people usually don’t pay attention to others, they are always thinking about their own interests (like drugs in film(, and it is always easy to turn it upside down about what people all around are talking about.  All people are egocentric and they don’t want to change themselves.


Aina – This film is about one man who takes drugs and two angels who want to help him stop taking drugs.  They give him some money and give him the choice to help other people or do what he does before.  So, this man thinks and remembers what they said before.  He chooses some words from their talk that he thinks is needed for him: “You are everything.”  So, at the end he decides to continue to take the drugs.


Joo Ok – Two angels talk to someone who is taking drugs.  One of the angels asked “what is the meaning of people?” then gave a dollar to the guy.  He uses the dollar to do drugs instead of saving people…He taped what he wanted to hear.  He fitted their sayings because he needed an excuse for taking drugs.  What the film is REALLY about is: You can save others’ lives instead of doing drugs.


Ainura T. – I think this clip is mostly about choice.  Choices that every day made by people.  What to do? To do according to your self interest without concerning of others or think about people surrounding you.  In this clip the man is given a choice: take drugs or not.

Pavel – This film is about a man’s decision about not only the drugs but about life in general.  It is not easy to go the right way under difficult circumstances.


Niyaz – It is about drug abuse. I think that he is a very rich guy and the angels would try to make him understand that there are things that are more wealthier and cleaner, in other words, are better than drugs.


Ilyas – The film is about real life that is about our inside world when we already need to make decisions…the meaning of people is NOT to take drugs and to NOT forget about all of them around him.


Answers to questions from my Listening classes about “Select Fit”

What is the meaning of people?

Gaukhar: I think the meaning of people is to realize themselves in this life, to become someone.  I mean that in the end of life you shouldn’t regret about your past.  The meaning is to make people remember you and love you.  I think it’s the best award for all of us.

Valerie: The meaning of people is to live, to bring lives, to help each other in order to survive because this life is about people.  Life is what people are doing, how they’re living, what they’re bringing in life; the relationships.


Why do you think someone would try to edit their own reality?

Rustem: because it’s easier when you have to think only about yourself

Tolegen: Nowadays reality often becomes gray routine so the option to edit the reality, if it were ever possible, seems very attractive.

Yessengeldy: People are creating their own reality because it is comfortable to them.

Galimzhan: because not all people like their reality, so it is human nature when someone don’t like something, he or she try to change it.

Serikzhan: some people are running away from their reality.  They’re afraid of it.  They do whatever possible to run away from it.

Almas: people try to edit their own reality, because everyone makes mistakes.

Valerie: because some people don’t like the reality they have and cannot do anything to change, but they try.


Why do you think the angel wanted Tom to give the dollar away?
Rustem: because the dollar was the first step to start doing something good for others.  And the first step is the hardest step, but after it will be easier with every step.


Raushan: because he had been looking at Tom for a long time and saw that Tom had done nothing to help others and because he wanted Tom to edit his reality.  In spite of all these, Tom did what HE wanted to do.  In my opinion, nowadays there are many people like Tom, who don’t want to help others.  And we should help them to edit their views to life.


Assel – In my opinion, Tom’s life was so empty and unfulfilled, he was thinking only about himself and perhaps he did nothing for others.  So the angels wanted him to make a first step towards people


Zhainagul – the dollar portrays Tom’s knowledge.  Giving it away will mean sharing the information on the “meaning of life.”

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