Interview with the REAL “Rudy” and Students’ Comments

Part of the Special Features in the American DVD of “Rudy,” the movie I showed last weekend to my two listening classes, was a videotaped interview with the REAL Rudy. (Another reason why buying pirated copies of the original is not a good idea, no special features or English subtitles. My Kazakh students got both) Their comments about the movie speak volumes…

 Gaukhar – Rudy, my impressions are great.  I really can’t believe that the plot of the film is the real story.  It’s just unbelievable.  All his dreams came true, not like in fairy tales, but because of his hard work. The real Rudy said, “What you need is a dream, and then you will find what you should do.” He finally achieved his goal, his dream.  This film and this real story are very inspiring.

 Yuliya – The film creators did a great job because a real story of Rudy is very similar to the one presented in the movie.  Real Rudy is the same determined guy who tries to make his dream come true.  In 1974, he got admission to the school of Notre Dame and the next year he played his first game.  It was very interesting to watch how vivid were the memory from this game.  Real Rudy Ruettiger was crying recalling the date of November 8, 1974.  He achieved his goal.

 Fahriddin – This man was very determined.  He never gave up even with so many obstacles in his life.  The actor looked a lot like the real Rudy.  He is very emotional.  He practiced for two seasons on the practice squad before he was allowed to play.

 Aslan – It’s really impressive to see a person, who reached everything he dreamed about.  There are a lot of people who reach a lot in their lives, but not many, who make their dreams happen.

 Ruslan – At first, Sean Austin, is a very good actor, he really acts like the original Rudy, even the wrong pronunciation of the “sh”!!  Now we can see that Rudy is a very happy person, he is satisfied with his life, we can “see it in his face.”  I think he is a real hero, he had a dream, he made his dream come true, he never gave up, so he acheived his aims and goals.

 Nurlan – the real person looks very similar to the actor (Sean Austin).  I think even personally their characters are identical.  Rudy is a “real dreamer.”  Even many years after college, he still has his feelings at those moments and he can recall those important moments.

 Diana – Oh…I did not watch the film, but after seeing this interview, I was really impressed by the contents of the film “Rudy” and by his real life and dreams, and how it was difficult to achieve all this, to live for the aim, for one dream day when he went to the stadium and felt happiness.  He was crying when he told about this day that is why I could feel all the difficulty and happiness of his feelings.

 Aigerim O. I believe that our dreams come true.  I believe that our thoughts realizing and never give up with your dreams, never be afraid of them, you really can get it, even if it seems impossible.  And Rudy is one, who never stopped dreaming and proved that there are no impossible things.

 Aigerim M. I appreciate his casting in the film.  I’m impressed about his feelings and story.  He really did a good job.  Although failures in his life, he continued to dream and reach his goals.  In my life I’m trying to do this too.  For that, you have to be strong person with perfect ambitions.  We can change our life style and our destiny.  Our destiny is in our hands.  He changed his destiny at the end. I like him very much, he is an example for us.

 Aizhan – I think that a film is enticing.  It is a real story about a man who did whatever he can to pursue his dreams.  It really makes me think about my future, plans.  To achieve something you need to have dreams.

 Daniya – I think that the film is like the real story about Rudy. All situations showed in film were happened with this guy.  All his achievements were shown in true way. If we compare the film and the real story, we can understand that the director’s job was done in a good level.  I was really surprised, I liked this story so much.

Karashash – I watched the real story of Rudy and realized that the film is the real story itself, no addition, no false information.  And what surprised me is that Sean Austin who played the main character really looks similar to the real Rudy.  Sean Austin made a good job because what I saw now is very similar to the movie “Rudy”  I was surprised when Rudy told about the day when he eventually played in the game, he started crying.  He really achieved his dream and remembered everything, every feeling about that day!  That is very touching!

 Indira – I was impressed very much, I like this movie too.  This movie looks like a really good story, actually this impressed me very much.  When I was watching movie I was really enjoy, because I didn’t watch such kind of movie before.  This story about Rudy, very interesting and this story taught us how people can achieve their goals, aims.  This story also taught us be stronger and self-confident.  Everything is in our hand! Just do it! Moreover, I listened to the comments for this movie with big interest.  All in all, the movie is pretty good, well done and I really like it very much.  I believe that I will advise watch this movie for my friends.

 Amina – I think that Rudy is really look like actor.  And the actor worked good.  When I saw the REAL Rudy, it was really interesting, now I realized that he is real!  All he did is real.  And I respect him a lot.  He wanted something, worked hard and achieved his goal no matter WHAT!

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