Two More Enthusiastic, Rave Reviews on “Rudy”

Fahriddin’s perspective of “Rudy”

    [American] Football is one of the roughest sports in the World. It is also a very competitive one. Rudy also loved the game of football just like me but what was more important is that he had heart. This movie relates to me in many ways, two of which are, he played football for his college team like me and he had love for the game of football which is unexplainable. 

    Rudy Ruttiger played for the university of Notre Dame. I also play for my university just like him but fortunately I do not ride the bench like him. Although he did not play every game he was still part of the team and he was the spirit of the team which helped them win games. This is what every team needs a player who inspires every single man or woman on the team to do their best and never give up. 

    Rudy loved the game of football he could not live without it. His inspiration to make the team and play at least one game were his friends and everyone else who told him that he should never give up. What pushed him most were the people who said that he would never play a game for the team. I love the game of football it is my personal favorite sport. I cannot explain why it is so but I cannot live without it. When I came back to Kazakhstan from the US there was no one who I knew that could play this sport. I thought I would die. When I was enrolled at our “western” university, I found out that there was a football team, I thought I was the happiest person on the planet at that moment. 

    In conclusion this movie relates to me in many ways two of them are that he played for his college team like me and he loved the game of football just like me. You should never stop chasing dreams even if in everyone else’s eyes they are unreal.

Karashash’s thoughts about “Rudy”

This weekend I watched the film called “Rudy”. It was very hard to find this movie but when I eventually found it and watched I asked myself why I did not heard about it earlier because this movie really a masterpiece! I am still excited about it; I can not describe emotions and feelings inside me! It is very touching, moving, encouraging and inspiring! The main idea of the story is that dreams make people believe in the better future, make them to become brave. The main character’s friend, Pete, repeated his father’s words: “Having dreams is what makes our life tolerable”. This is the statement that could describe this entire movie! When I was watching I suddenly thought that everyone should have dream, should have hope and belief and I realized that actually I do not have strong desire, dream about something! I just have goals and aims to achieve but not dreams. After this movie I started thinking of this and I do not understand why I do not have it! All my life I considered that my goals are my dreams but now I am confused. In my opinion people with dreams even with impossible ones are the happiest! After I achieve one goal I think about next one and that is how my life goes; I do not think about one thing that I want! So after this movie something inside me told me that I should believe in something that would be encouraging me but what?! The answer is still unknown…

However, the persons that have dreams I think in our country have a possibility to make them become true if it not the dream to fly to the Moon, but who knows what will happen after few years! I consider that most of the Kazakhstan people do not feel lack of freedom to realize their dreams even the craziest one! I think that this movie should be broadcasted everywhere, in every country and to everyone because it could encourage, really inspire someone not to give up but to try again and again unless your dream is true! This is how Rudy does; this is to what he devoted his life! I hope that one day I will be having dream that will be making me to wake up with the hope to realize my dream!

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