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Aigerim’s Summary of the “Rudy” Movie

This past weekend I had almost 30 of my Kazakh students descend upon our two room flat on two different evenings.  Tight quarters didn’t seem a deterrent for these eager first year students.  What fun to have them watch and laugh together at the funny parts of this very good movie titled “Rudy.”  Even though it was all about Notre Dame football, you didn’t have to know any of the rules about American football to understand the main theme of the movie.  Hard work, passion and motivation was what Rudy was all about.  Read what Aigerim M wrote, who wasn’t able to attend this event with her classmates, but she did enough questioning to write a good summary about it.

I did not see the film “Rudy,” so I asked my classmates to tell me about it. I had learned many things. They were so impressed about this film, the motivation of Rudy. So, I regret somehow that I could not watch the “Rudy”. If I had watched this film, I would like it very much. It is enjoyable, when you watch films which are teaching, motivated and can give you some advices. Nowadays, there are so many films that destroy the children’s mind as horrible as possible. That’s why, I like the “Rudy” even though I had not watched it.

      With the help of my friends, I would like to tell my opinion. They told me that it was a true story about one boy whose name was Rudy Ruettiger. He had dreamed that he would play football for Notre Dame college. However his grades were low in high school and he missed out – ending up at his dad’s steel mill. When his closest friend was killed on the job, Rudy set out to follow his dream and enlisted at Holy Cross college to get his grades and took on jobs within Notre Dame to make his dream come true.

This movie proved that good things happen to people who work hard and don’t except the circumstances they are dealt. The movie showed that dreams really can come true. If you put your mind (and body) to it, and if you have a big enough heart, you too can accomplish anything! This is truly an inspirational film. You don’t have to be a Notre Dame fan to cheer for Rudy. This is a wonderful true-life example of a person stopping at nothing to achieve their dream. It is highly emotional and marvelously acted by all. I’m not sure how many of the details of this film really happened, but Rudy was a real person. He did overcome great odds. He should be motivation for us all.

      This is a great film about going for your dreams and never giving up. No matter who tells you that you can’t do it, no matter how unlikely the chances are, no matter what, make sure you go for your dreams and do everything that you can make them come true. The film gave us an inspiration to live, to continue and to dream. So, we should dream about what we want in future and then try, hope, believe and work fot it hard. Without dreams we can not imagine our life. 

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