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Change Management (Part II)

Yesterday I referred to what my graduate and undergraduate students reported in their assessment of our Language Center management.  Today I will show part #3 of this tool and the responses are quite positive.  Tomorrow, I may reveal the dark side of the different patterns that are apparent to two different groups of people, first year students and graduate students who have been around the block with our university.

Sponsorship All sponsors understand their role in making the change successful and visibly demonstrate their commitment Reinforcement  Rewards and consequence are built into the deployment, demonstrating commitment to change 
 Clear Direction Implementation has been appropriately framed, with clear objectives, scope, and success metrics Competency Development The organization has the skills and tools to be successful if asked to exhibit new behaviors


CommunicationIndividuals at all levels understand how the change impacts them and what actions they need to take to contribute to its success


Measurement Clear metrics and processes to systematically monitor  progress are implemented
EngagementOwnership for the success is cascaded throughout the organization through dialogue and process Planning and ModificationsThere is a doable plan but a process to incorporate the feedback of others is established

Q 5 – Communication – We have a history of developing communications that are effective (e.g. clear, concise and enabling people to know exactly what they mut do to be successful).

Graduate students:  17 Yes 1 No

Undergraduate students 16 Yes 4 No

Q 14 Our university updates their implementation plans throughout the change process to incorporate both what is being learned and the feedback of those most affected

Graduate students 15 Yes  3 No

Undergraduate students 15 yes 5 No.

What does the above mean?  I don’t know, I’m rushing off to my second of three classes today.  This is a FRIDAY and I should thank God for it.  TGIF!  I am making up classes with those missed on Constitution Day because it was a Kazakhstan holiday.  I remember the 9-11 victims and their families today.

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