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“Change Management” (CM) Assessment Tool Results

 I adapted an assessment tool and gave an inventory concerning “Change Management” this past week to all of my Kazakh students.  Some opted not to do it, others “believe that our university’s Language Center does not need to change and are satisfied with the management approach.”  However, it seemed my older, graduate students had different views than did my first year students.  

 Of the first fourteen questions, this is what was most telling especially with simply giving Yes or No answers to each question:

“A change in management will significantly alter the way teachers and administrators in the Language Center do their existing work.”

Listening students: 16 yes 16 no 50% half agree that it will be a significant change

Writing students:  22 Yes  7 No  76% agree

Masters students: 16 yes 3 No 84% agree

 Of the remaining who agreed in Part #1, these students were asked to answer questions from Part II of the questionnaire: “How complex/challenging is the people side of this Change Management at the Language Center?”

 Q 3 We are aware that the needs of the different teachers and administrators are complex and conflicting and that many people have strong opinions about this change.

Writing students: 20 yes           1 No

Listening students 14 yes          4 No

Masters students  14 yes          4 No


Q9 We need to get this implementation right. Errors will be costly with painful consequences.

Writing students: 18 yes           3 No

Listening students 13 yes          5 No

Masters students: 13 yes          5 No


Q 11 We need to establish/follow a systematic and consistent approach to implementation of Change Management.

Writing students: 18 yes           3 No

Listening students: 15 yes         3 No

Masters students: 15 yes          3 No


Part #3 of this Change Management Assessment Tool dealt with seven areas

1)      Sponsorship

2)      Clear Direction

3)      Communications

4)      Engagement

5)      Shaping/reinforcement and Competency development

6)      Measurement

7)      Planning and Modifications

 I’ll deal with the outcomes of the three parts in tomorrow’s post.  I’m digesting what the patterns are saying to me.  Very interest results.  One last comment made by a writing student that I think tells of his frustration:  “Basically I don’t have any problems with studying at our university and the system of education that is practiced here.  I agree with almost all changes.  The only change that I really don’t like is constantly increasing payment for education.”

(to be continued)

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