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Voted BEST ppt and VERY Last Comments

Last night I had my MA graduate students, who are in different programs and disciplines, look at my MBA students ppt presentations from spring semester.  In anticipation of doing their own final project, I wanted my current students to see what the final product should look like. 

Of course, I took off the names of my former students from the title page of the first slide so that they could be evaluated without infringing on privacy issues.  I had those 19 who attended last night look at the slides very quickly but carefully.  We were not looking at content but rather the layout of each and noting whether the criteria I set out had been satisfied.  I expected a title page, helpful graphics, wording the right size explaining their topic and a reference page done in APA format. The seven topics shown were:  1) oil economy 2) tourism in Kyrgyzstan, 3) financial crisis, 4) photography, 5) corruption, 6) violence against women and 7) leadership. 

Violence against women won out.  Why? because the person’s passion and heart showed through her slides even though she was not in the classroom where her speech from last spring had proven very impassioned. Second, was the corruption slideshow because the presenter had been damaged by corruption and his statistics and graphics were very good.  Perhaps it had been therapeutic for him to do this project.  Several years ago, he had started a business and lost a large sum of money due to bribery and extortion.  Both topics garnered the most of the students votes because they commented that both were very actual in their own society and elsewhere in the world.

Back to what my listening students had been writing about “Doll Face “and “Freedom Within,” these are the VERY last comments even though there were more.  My undergraduate students sent these comments to me electronically, I just HAD to share what their deep thoughts were.  I’m pleased to be all 100 students’ teacher, most all are working hard to do their assignments.

Lena wrote about “Doll Face”

That woman robot was totally artificial. She was just constructed mechanic machine. And when she first saw a shot of more naturally face than she had, she decided to become the same. At first time it was very easy to her, because all her needs were just lipstick, powder, and special pencil for her brows. Of course she was happy; her aim was achieved, and her face became more natural. But as I can say, nothing changed at all. It was just superficial perception of being human. And suddenly shot on the TV set changed again. At that tome it was more beautiful and more natural face of a REAL WOMAN! Robot was surprised, but she continued her “extreme makeover” . She changed lenses, made her make up better. And her face became totally the same with the face on the shot.

But I noticed that every time before shot changed, TV set moved away. And every time it moved farther and farther. I think it means the more strong and difficult aim you have the more force and efforts you should put on it.

But this robot had limitation on her long stretching. And when the next shot was showed, she couldn’t even see it. Her mechanism wasn’t long enough. SO after all attempts, “she” broke up.

 This film showed us an analogy on our daily life. Every time we try to be better, i.e. to change something in our looks, behaviour, or way of life. Society presses on us. But the “broken up” ending in this video, shows us that some day, we can be broken up too. It could be moral, psychological or even physical trauma. We should be stronger, and never try to find a special idol.

The more suitable example is Hollywood. Many women and men go to a plastic surgeon, to change their looks. They want to be tiny, more beautiful, to have another shape of nose; sometimes they want to look like famous celebreties, but they can’t stop! After one plastic operation goes another and once it could be mortal for them.

BE YOURSELF! only harmony with your soul and body can make you happy.

 Yesmurat wrote about Freedom Within and answered the questions “Where do you feel trapped?”   From my personal view, it is only our imagination when we think that there is no way to exit from a problem. If we have equation, we always have solution. However once I was in the situation, when I wanted to do something, but it was not in my hands. My grandfather was dying in my hands, and I could not help him, then I understood that we, people, are very wick creatures, that everything in God’s hands.

Rustem wrote the following about the two video clips:  My own impression about the movie “Doll Face” was that people have to live their lives being themselves. If they will copy someone else their life will be broken.  I also believe that we don’t have to find our selves, we have to create our selves.

 My impression about the movie “Freedom Within” was that there are so many beautiful moments in our world but some people don’t see them.

 Tolegen wrote his opinion about “Freedom within”

 In my opinion, the idea of the film doesn’t aim to show that freedom was under carpet, but the freedom in near us. And the main hero is a regular human, who is mired in the gray routine, stuck in the box, however freedom is always at hand.

It certainly affects Kazakhstan and a lot of other countries as well, because such problem is everywhere where people suffer from the same routine everyday, becoming a “bird in the cage” and feeling all alone with no perspectives. However freedom is near us, we should just open ourselves to it, we just need to start longing for it.

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