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Second Short Video Clip – “Freedom Within”

The following is a continuation of yesterday’s blog of my students’ explanations from one of my listening classes of what they witnessed with two very short video clips.  Read on to understand their experience…

“Freedom Within”

Aigerim M. There in the box was a man with a strange appearance like a prisoner.  He used to sit in the dark.  Suddenly, someone shouted “Liberte” in French, gave him from the small window the board with inscription of the word “Liberte” and showed the man where is the freedom.  The man took away the carpet and saw the light hole.  He went in there and his appearance, clothes became colorful.  He started to change everything and the box was changed to grass.  Surprisingly, he was in freedom.  Then, somebody was shouting “Liberte.” The man found many boxes like his.  He was happy to be free.  I think he was going to set everyone else free.

 Olzhas – I liked this film very much.  For me, it is very interesting, cognitive and emotional film.

 Aslan – There are not a lot of people who can free themselves without help.  Human is living in a society, so to communicate with each other and to help each other is the main purpose of this society.  The storyline is where a stranger, a former prisoner, helps others – looks similar to our lives, when unknown strangers appear in our lives and changes them totally.

 Karashash – I liked this clip because it was interesting to see how this man would get his freedom and help other people to rid of their prisons.  However, I do not think that it relates to me too much because in our country, I do not feel like someone trying not to give me freedom.  I think in Kazakhstan, everyone has freedom and possibilities to do what they want.

 Gaukhar – When Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union, it was just like a prisoner from the video – it hadn’t any freedom.  There wasn’t freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of press and even freedom of thought (everybody must have had the same opinion “Communist is the best, the Soviet Union is the most developed country, capitalistic countries are evil and so on).  And most people in those times really believed in it because they had no idea what was happening beyond the huge boards of the Soviet Union, people really lived like in a huge box.  But when the Soviet Union collapsed, Kazakhstan finally obtained freedom.

 ?? – I personally feel trapped in society without a university diploma because I cannot get a qualified and high paying job without it.  Our university is that “person” who will give me a chance to earn my diploma and my freedom.  So maybe later on I hope I will do something useful for my university and our society after I earn my diploma.

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