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Five Minute Video Clips – “Doll Face” and “Freedom Within”

Last week I showed two very short movies to my two listening classes.  I was very encouraged to read what my students’ notes revealed after watching the two five minute clips twice.  I will let them explain, in their own words, what they experienced:

 Daniya: I liked both videos but the first one was more interesting…nowadays we have more freedom than our grand-grandparents, because we can choose by ourselves what to do, how to do, where to go and so on.  And we have to help other people who need our help.  Our society is more educated and we know how to help people.  And if we have such opportunity we have to make it.  The second video clip was a bit frightening.  In the end, I want to say that I liked this kind of work because all of us tried to understand the main ideas of these videos.  We started to think in more deep level, we have known something new.  It is great.

 Doll Face

Aizhan “She sees a beautiful face on the t.v. and wants to look exactly the same.  Actually, she was already pretty in the beginning.  Once she’s satisfied, a new, more beautiful image appears.  She tries to make more effort to become a duplicate of that image as well.  It’s so sad that these days it really happens.  It is true that nowadays a lot of girls are attacked, influenced by the media to be somebody different they see on TV and they break and damage themselves…I treasure this video clip.  That was a wonderful piece of art that shows our society is about.  It’s also credibly heartbreaking. The music, the animation is fantastic. It really made me tear up a bit!!!

 Aigerim M. – I think that this video is a teaching video.  Because people want to get the best things in life, they do not prefer giving to others the chance to take.  So, that’s why many of us suffer from this.  It can be a lesson how to be satisfied what you have in your hands, because nobody gives us a guarantee.  We can lose everything we have at any time.  We should thank God that we have the most important things in our life.  They are the parts of body, our family, friends and the opportunity to get knowledge.

 Nurlan – In my point of view, this doll represents audience of the media.  After having seen it once, she wants more and more of it.  Suddenly she finds something what she likes and doesn’t stop watching it.  Then she starts copying the image on her face. An example to this may be how teenagers copy their movie stars and heroes whom they admire. 

She never reached her goal.  I think this may imply that people should never be addicted to the media and keep in mind that too much of it may harm.  In last few decades we observe the impact of media on mentality and psychology of the society, particularly young generations.

Karashash – I did not like this movie a lot because it was a little bit scaring especially when the doll face was breaking down because of her “body.” That was really frightening.

Indira – “…we are all individual with our own positives and negative sides and it is not necessary to try to copy someone else’s appearance or character, just love yourself and don’t forget that you are unique.

 Gaukhar – Nowadays in the era of globalization many developing countries like Kazakhstan in order to become developed, try to copy everything from such developed countries like the USA.  Our people try to copy European way of life, even their behavior.  And I think that Kazakhstan should borrow European way of developing saving our traditions and our mentality.  In other way, Kazakhstan can lose its identity.

Both video clips were very thoughtful, they really impressed me.  Nowadays, there are a lot of movies that don’t have any meaning, make no sense at all.  And I was so surprised that these two short video clips even having no conversations prompted us to think.

 Fahriddin – this short film was kind of scary at first but afterwards it became more and more interesting.  It showed that when you try to be someone you are not, it ruins your life and it is impossible to be exactly the same as someone else.

(to be continued about “Freedom Within”)

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