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Zhainagul’s Grandparents were Hard Workers

Even though I was not as close to my grandparents as I wished to be, I know that they were good people. That is, demanded hard workers for their time, caring parents for my future mom and dad and the trustworthy neighbors in the country.

      The eldest of my grandparents is my grandfather from my father’s side, Islam, who was born in 1923. He was handicapped from getting injuries in World War II. As a result, he was never able to work, but he was a person of strong will and kept himself very disciplined, requiring the same from people around him.

      My grandfather from my mother’s side, Karen, was one year younger my grandfather Islam, born in 1924. He was a very good looking man, working in phosphate fertilizer factory as he claimed, but my mother believes that he was connected to production of military equipment of Soviet Union, which was kept in secret.

      Aimkhan is my grandmother from my father’s side. She was a magnificent person spreading harmony that I did not have a chance to know due to her untimely death at my age of three. My eldest sister, who spent her initial four years of life with the grandmother, once mentioned that I look most like her (my parents’ four children look very different from each other). From the same source, I know that she had “tasty hands” for cookery. Her elegance in everything what she did is incomparable.

      My mother’s mother, Zhupar, was an iron lady compared to her soft tempered husband. Her demanding policy in quest for perfectionism had different affects on her children, not erasing the fact that she wanted all the best for them. Even though she had her favorite grandchildren from her two sons, saying that I did not receive enough of her love would not be fair. She was very attentive and the most willing to give an advice concerning any aspect of your being, like “Spend your time wisely, since nobody is going to get your work done.” 

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