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Dana’s Great-Grandmother Experienced the Famine in the 1930s

     Every person in his life has grandparents. For each of us they are very important because they are some piece of our past time life. That is why I chose the story about my father’s grandmother. She was born in 1890 in Western Kazakhstan. In her family, she was the sixth child after five brothers. Her name was Nurzhamal.  She got married at the age of fifteen years old. She did not want great-grandfather to be her husband because she loved another one. In spite of this and her age, she got her first baby and in total had ten babies.

Nurzhamal’s daily life was as a circle, she cooked, looked after her children, sewed ornaments on kiiz that she had done by her-self. Deep inside Nurzhamal wanted to be a poet. Sometimes when she had good mood or was upset, she started to create small poems. While telling about this great-grandmother I pitied not getting a note even just one of her poems. I have learned that my great-grandmother could not write, if she could she would have done it.

Nurzhamal azhe did not remember when exactly but once in Kazakhstan began starvation. In comparing with to the world war she told that hunger was the most terrible feeling that she ever have had. One day to the aul [village] arrived a car from the city and people attacked it asking for a food from those who has been sitting there. It was nice to live in the faraway steppes where they could hunt some animals.

She died after my birth in 1989. The interesting fact is that my mother was telling me about her not father. However, she was old person who understood but rarely joked with my mom. Mother liked to listen from her advices that she gave. Because she was wise and saw a lot of things in her life.

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