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Sagynysh’s Grandparents’ Hollywood Love Affair

I have many very good stories from my Masters students class which keeps expanding.  (Sagynysh is in the second row, second in on left with a white shirt).  Last count I have about 23 Masters students if all showed up. The following is a informative essay written by Sagynysh who is a masters student in the Public Administration MPA program.   I think she does a nice job and this is in English, not her first or second language!!!

“It is said that grandparents love their grandchildren more than their own children. I have seen and believed it when my parents became grandparents to my two nice little nieces. They really love these sometimes naughty girls. They read books, walk in the park, give advice and good examples, teach them what is good and what is bad, spoil them and indulge in everything, and even let them do some things which me and my elder sister had never been allowed to do. 

Frankly speaking it is really hard for me to choose and write about one of my grandparents because I grew up with my mother and father. We rarely visited them as they lived in other cities so far away from us. 

Unfortunately, my grandparents from my father’s side died when I was a child. I just remember the silhouette and features of my grandmother. My grandfather also kept in my memory only his gait, manners, my surname and the way of calling me “Sakonai”… Their names were Uitolgan and Kalbay. Sometimes I try to discover in my memory some of their individual personalities, but I cannot. I was little enough when they left us. Everything I know about them is from my father, elder sister and cousins’ stories.     

Fortunately, my other grandparents from my mother’s side are alive. Now they are approximately at 85 years old. Their names are Zhuma and Zhanyl. The most I like is the fact they have their own love story. My grandmother at the age of 17 was engaged to one rich man of 30 years. She did not feel any feelings of love next to him as she was dating with my grandfather and liked him instead. So, my grandfather stole her before that wedding. The story is really related to the stories from Hollywood movies. Also, that astonished me greatly is the point that my grandmother gave birth 10 times! And among them 3 pairs of twins! That’s why they have a lot of grandchildren and even a number of great – grandchildren. 

In spite of it, my grandparents are always glad when I visit them. They ask me a lot of questions in order to be informed about me and it seems like they want to make up for lost time. They became happy hearing about my achievements, progress and successful results. And they never forget about my birthday.         

Even though one of them left me so early, one of them lives so far away from me, and I grew up without their caresses, I am sure they like me very much. Nobody and nothing is to be blamed for that. I know they love me. I feel it.  

When I see how happy my darling nieces are to have grandparents like my mother and father, I cannot help but believe that my future children will be happy too. I hope they will live in the atmosphere of grandparents’ love, caress and kind words.”

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