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My Highly Choleric Kazakh Students

Sixty-four percent of my Kazakh university students are choleric according to a Temperament test that I gave them the first week of classes.  The sampling of 80 of my students gave a self report when they ticked off about 18 adjectives for each of the four different temperaments: choleric, phlegmatic, melancholy and sanguine.  The breakdown with all of my classes combined obviously shows that I am working with future leaders of Kazakhstan.

64% – choleric
21% – sanguine
10% – melancholy
5% – phlegmatic

I’m puzzled by these percentages and when I asked my first class (75% are choleric) about the attributes of a choleric personality they readily agreed and were satisfied with the results. I’m wondering if this percentage is true of our university or if it shows the kind of students I attract to register for my classes??? The following are the adjectives they see as their own:  optimistic, goal-oriented, self-confident, self-sufficient, activist, domineering, aggressive, leadership ability, stick-to-itiveness, strong-willed, hot-tempered, insensitive, unsympathetic, determined, decisive, sarcastic, practical and outgoing.

You can see what kind of students I have, they are standing on the shoulders of their brave and hardworking ancestors.  Take another look at Kazakhstan’s leaders in the photos I blogged about yesterday.  I regret that I forgot to take a photo of my masters class last night.  I will do so tomorrow night, their learning style and temperament profiles are no different than the undergraduate students I have.

I’m wondering what the typical Kazakh university student in Almaty might look like in terms of their learning style and temperament.

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