Viktoriya’s Grandpa “Ded”

How nice to have some students repeat in another class that I teach because they like you or your style of teaching or both, this is true of Viktoriya.  She wrote a good piece about her grandmother last year and she did a fine job this time.  Read on about her grandpa named “Ded.”

“Grandparents. The people whom we love and respect. We listen, learn from their experiences and admire them, they are the ones we should appreciate and pay enough attention to….

As I was writing about my only alive grandmother last time, I thought that it would be more challenging to tell you about the one of my grandfathers…

Actually, the man I want to write about was not my blood relative, as he was my Grandma’s second husband, but in fact he was the one who brought me up in a certain sense. All my family including parents and relatives were calling him ‘Ded’, which means ‘Grandpa’ in Russian, I was never calling him by his real name – Nikolay.

I remember him since I was a kid as we were living together with my grandparents those days. Ded was the one who always stood up for me when my older brother was bullying me, although he was strict enough to punish me, by sending me to stay “in the corner” of the room thinking about my bad behavior. He was different and I have appreciated that. Thanks to him I was not spoiled and I was not a crybaby.

When my Grandma married Ded both of them had families with grown children, but my Mom as well as my uncle fell in love with their mother’s new companion. And afterwards, when my Dad came to Almaty to meet the bride’s parents, it was Ded who met him first and judged whether he was good enough for their girl.

Each summer spent with my grandparents at the summer house made me smarter and wiser. Ded taught me to respect the elderly, to be polite and to love all the living beings starting from the bugs and to humans. Being silent on public majority of the time, he was amazingly smart; we always had something to talk about.

He died when I was 15 years old. But he will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.

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