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Essay – I DID NOT love my Grandma

For the first e-mail assignment, I asked all of my Kazakh, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. students to not just tell a little about themselves but more about their family and specifically their grandparents.  Of course, most all of them LOVE their grandparents and write with much earnestness and great delight.  I will be sharing those essays in the coming months (with their permission, of course). 

The following essay stuck out at me because this was a sincere attempt at showing how one grandma was NOT a good role model.  Read on, I think the student has come well equipped to show a clear thesis statement and present the supporting sentences and details to get her point across.  She titled it “Trauma in my Youth”

 “When people are requested to tell about their grandparents, they will choose the person whom they love or have proud of. However in this essay, I want to write about my father side grandmother who I do not like.

  Of course, I have my mother side grandparents whom I do love. They really love me and treat me well. I am the first grandchild to them, so they always think me first. In addition they are respectable people in many ways, for example, they are really diligent to wake up in every morning at 5 for working, and they brought up my aunts and mother to be successful people.

  My real grandmother (I can not agree with this word, to me the real grandmother is my mother side one.) is passed away about 8years ago. She was really lazy person and she never received reasonable education. The worst thing about her is she prefers son than daughter. It is same to her grandchildren. She loved my little brother, but not me. This is a bit bad tradition of Korea, but in her case, it was harsh. She and I had a lot of troubles everyday. Sometimes she swear me even I was still young girl about 8~9 years. She was harsh to my mother too. Even when my mother conceived me she had to work all the house work because my real grandmother made her to do.

  It is not abnormal that her later years were not happy. She suffered from dementia. But the disease dementia is not suffering the patients themselves, but it makes hard the patients’ family. Because she treated their daughter badly, the daughters did not want to taking care their mother, and her first son was same as her. He was not good person, too exactly like her, even she treated him well but he did not take care of her, neither. However my father took care of her because he loved her even though she did not give love to my father.

  It is true that she influenced my life. She was my trauma when I was young. However I get over her now. It is impossible to me that I love her, but it was possible that I forgave her and cure my self. Actually now I think that thanks to her I matured a lot. I hope in someday I will understand her totally.

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