Arrived in Almaty in Early A.M.

All went according to plan, I had uneventful 3 flights to Almaty from my hometown.  In all from port to port, it took all together about 28 hours.  I had a university driver pick me up at the airport once I secured my two suitcases.  Arrived to my new flat that is higher up the hill than our previous flat, away from the polluted air in the valley but my one key didn’t work in the other lock.  Fortunately, I had the phone number of our nice landlady and the driver called her explaining our dilemma.  I tipped him 700 tenge for helping carry my suitcases up the four flights of stairs.  Once I met Larissa, what a very nice lady, then I started to put things away in our new apartment.

I met with my two classes so far today, I have one more in less than an hour with my masters degree students.  The undergraduate students I have met so far seem to be earnest about learning.  (I’m getting more South Korean students who are here on an exchange program) I think this will be a good semester, that is the reason I returned to Kazakhstan. 

I am in Almaty to learn from my students about their culture and I am to teach them how to listen, write, read, in English, etc.  I’ll be eager to get to bed tonight after being up so long from my 5:00 a.m. arrival.

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