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Momentarily Sidelined in Minnesota

AjaHave my faithful readers missed me?  I’m still here after I enjoyed my birthday on August 8 with many well wishings on Facebook, cards (e-cards and otherwise) and family gatherings.  This is the weekend for much to-do, my niece just won a beauty pageant and is in line to capture the title for Miss Minnesota whenever that competition is held. She has only been at this for a year or two and just turned 19 years old.  I’m very proud of my oldest niece. I guess she did a fabulous job on her violin piece for the talent portion of the contest.  We will have all of Ken’s kids to visit us, two arrived last night (waiting for two more to arrive on Wed.) Then Ox Cart Days which is our annual family tradition of going to the talent show, riding in the parade (or spectating), picnics, etc.  So besides being extremely busy entertaining, my laptop has been in the shop getting fixed up with anti-virus protection, etc.  I’ll be giving a talk on Kazakhstan at the rotary meeting tomorrow but that is already prepared.  I look forward to being back in the great country of Kazakhstan in less than a week!

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