More Kazakh Proverbs (Part II)

Goodness (Jaqsılıq)

*198-5: Arıqsız semiz bolmaidı, jamansız jaqsı bolmaidı.

There is no fat without thin; there is no good without bad.

*305-5: Jaqsınıŋ ashuı – jibek oramal kepkenshe.

The anger of a good person dries up like a silk scarf.

Honor (Ar)

204-5: Atalı sözge arsız ġana talasadı.

Only a person without honor disputes the time-tested words.

*300-4: Jaqsıda kek joq, jamanda tek joq.

The good man has no vengeance; the bad man has no ancestry.

Humanness (Adamgershilik)

169-4: Adam bolıp turan soŋ; adam bolıp ölgen jön.

Since you were born a human being, die a human being.

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