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More Kazakh proverbs (Part I)

The following are more Kazakh proverbs gathered by my friend Erik and his wife Kim.  (I don’t understand their numbering system or the Kazakh language that it is first written in) My friends are up and traveling again from Kazakhstan. They were  just in Kyrgyzstan getting visas for their whole family. They have four children and the way the Kazakh policy reads for foreign guests, they are to exit to another country every two months to update their children’s visa. Kyrgyzstan is the closest to Almaty.  Fortunately, their passports and visas were all successfully received in time for them to depart 12 hours before their departure to Thailand.  That would be “just in a knick of time” which my husband loves to live by.  You have to live close to the edge when living in Kazakhstan, things are so uncertain and changing with new policies.  Will I be able to keep this blog up for much longer, I wonder?

God (Quday)

335-3: Jük artqan tüyeŋ küshti bolġansh, Cüyengen Iyeŋ küshti bolsın.

A laden camel is strong, but the Lord relied upon is stronger.

People (El)

198-1: Arı ketken elden bäri ketedi.

All will depart the country which has lost its honor.

289-5: Erlikke – taġzım, Eldikke – qurmet.

For the Hero – veneration; For the nation – honor.

351-4: Kekshil bolma, epshil bol.

Don’t be vengeful, be adroit.

397-6: Qattı jerge qaq turar, qayrattı erge mal turar.

The hard ground holds the water, the industrious man holds the cattle (i.e. wealth).

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