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Kazakh Proverbs from Anara, our guest

The following proverbs I got from a Kazakh woman and her family, they are staying with us. Anara couldn’t translate some of the proverbs I used yesterday. Some just do not adequately translate into English to be understandable. These are the ones Anara’s mother often told her.  Encar is staying with us also with two little girls. Full house!

Proverb meant for girls – “If a cow’s eye doesn’t wink, then the bull will not break the chain.” (everything depends on what YOU do as a young woman, she must be careful. Otherwise you can get into trouble.)

“There is no job for lazy people.” (if you want to work, you will always find work because there’s always something to do, but a lazy person will use it for an excuse.)

If you are an intelligent person you can beat 1,000s, but if you are a strong person with muscles, only one.

The good wife will bring her husband to a place of honor but if a bad wife she will put her husband to the threshold of the door.

If you want marry a good wife, look at her mother; if a good man, look at his father.

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