Great Patriotic War Medals and Memorials

medalsI often wonder what happens to all the medals that were given out to veterans of Soviet wars once they die. Do those medals on veterans’ chests during Victory Day eventually end up on the sidewalks for sale? Funny that they should be sold next to silverware and books on Sufiism. See also the memorials that are in every small town throughout Kazakhstan to remember the courage the Red Army soldiers had while fighting during WWII.WWII memorialWWII soldiers

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    J. Otto Pohl said,

    The transliteration of the books should be Sufiism not Sophism. Sufiism is many things, but it is not related to sophistry. 😉

  2. 2

    kazaknomad said,

    Thanks for the clarification of the word Sufiism. I must have been tired when I wrote this blog. I am dealing with sophistry this summer with teaching Asian and Middle Eastern students who do NOT like to take quizzes! They are galvanized with fear over the mere mention of the word “quiz.” When I give my “finals” next week, I’m not sure what fits they will go into!!!

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