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More Photos of Mountains in Kazakhstan

Medeo and mtns.Medeo, a large skating rink set in the valley ringed by mountains, used during Soviet times in international competitions. What a wonderful place to skate in the fall of 2007 with the English Club from our university. Currently it is under construction but hopefully will be re-opened soon. I remember going to Medeo back in 1993 with some of my first dates with Ken. Yes, Almaty is a romantic city! Shimbaluk is a skiing place, I haven’t tried my downhill skiing yet but in 1993, Ken and I went cross-country skiing and had shashlik (like shish-ka-bob) afterwards with white gloppy snow falling on us. Memories!!! The sunset photo was taken from our balcony in Almaty about a month or so ago.sunset in AlmatyShimbaluk skiing area II

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