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Gaukhar’s Grandfather Survived Stalingrad

I want to tell you about the story that I heard from my mother. This is a story about the person who was a commander of division in land forces, a very good carpenter and he was my grandfather. My grandfather was born in 1922 in a small village. There were two children in his family, he and his younger sister Kopey. They had very close and friendly relationship. In 1938 he studied in the technical college. Unfortunately, he didn’t finish that college because of the World War II.  For many people war is a very bad memory that they don’t want to recall. He participated in the great battle “Stalingrad“. He got a medal for courage. They often carried out reconnaissance. He had two serious wounds. His first wound was on the foot and his second wound was in the abdomen.

As my grandfather was recalling, before the battle the soldiers were very hungry and one Uzbek said that he could prepare something. He made plov and fed his comrades. Then my grandfather and Uzbek rested in the trench when suddenly a mine detonated and the Uzbek died. After the battle my grandfather suffered from the pain and his friend didn’t leave him. He would die if his friend had not helped him. Because all soldiers who stayed there were killed by other soldiers.

In 1945 he returned home and started to work as a carpenter to build houses. Also he repaired cars. He brought up eight children and educated six of them. My mother told me that she loved her father more than her mother. He was serene and never punished his children. He worked all his life. At that time he earned enough money. But all his money he sent to his children in order to educate them. He built a house where my mother and her brothers and sisters grew up.

Finally, I want to say that I couldn’t imagine how my grandfather, in spite of what he saw, was such a good father and he never complained about his life. He died in 1987.

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