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Zhamilya’s Grandfather Disabled but Much Loved!

This story began in 1941. It was the Second World War. Somewhere in Russia was a small village. The war had just begun. All the men went to the Front. Only women, children and old men stayed. Everybody was hungry. There was not any food or clothes. The time was passing and people were dying. My grandmother and grandfather saw all these horrible, cold, difficult times. The death was everywhere. In the winter it was harder to survive. Because during the summer, people ate fruits, vegetables and they were taking enough vitamins for their health. At the cold times they ate only fish, but it was not so easy to fish, because the weather was too cold and they didn’t have warm clothes. During these times they met each other. All their childhood they were playing, working together. Day by day, year passing years they grow up. It was love since childhood.

My grandfather lost his brothers and father during the war, grandmother lost her father. The Second World War had been continued four years. And it had finished 1945. After the Second World War it was still difficult and hungry life. Grandfather found a job. He worked farm, ploughed up the ground. Every morning he went to the farm and worked until the night. Only by this way he could nourish himself and his mother. The salary was just a cup of rice and bag with the important things for health of the week. And one day my grandpa fell down from the horse. He broke his leg and could not stand up for one year that is why he was retired from his job. Everyone was searching the work and employee was taking only strong and health man. They did not need to take disabled person, that’s there were a lot of invalids after the World War. But in the family there wasn’t man besides him. So even sitting at home he planted.

Meanwhile my grandma sorted out rice and collected vegetables with the fruits. They were going out for two years and then got married. My grandpa was 26 and grandma 23 years old. They loved each other and they got two children. They were living really happy. Their children grew up and moved to Kazakhstan. My uncle moved first, because of his institute. And after one year, my Mom left her parents` house and went to her brother in Almaty. At that time she found my Dad. My Mom and my Dad got married in Almaty. And then me and my brother were born. Mom gave me a life then left me with my grandpa and grandma, while I was baby. Three years passed and we left our village and went to Almaty. Till I was five, I was living with grandpa and grandma. And I was still living with them. But this year my grandpa died. It is really difficult for everybody. Mainly for my grandma, because she was living with him for 52 years. But it is life and we need to continue our lives. I know one day we will be together again, all our family. Everything in my story it is true, told by my grandpa and grandma.

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