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Vladimir’s Grandparents don’t speak about Soviet Past

Let me tell you about my grandparents. First of all, I want to tell you about my mom’s parents. My granddad went away when my mom was a baby. I still do not understand him and even I do not know the reason he went away. What about my granny she died when I was twelve. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I loved her a lot, granny was ill with cancer. She was a really good woman and she tried to give my mom everything she needed like clothes separate room and many other things. In that time, after the war it was very hard to earn money and pay to settle the accounts. Granny worked on three different jobs, also my mom helped her and after all they existed that terrible time.

What concerns grandparents on my dad side, it is another story. Both of them are alive and almost every week I see them. I can not tell you about them much because of little information about them. My granddad does not like to speak about the past. All I know is that he was physics teacher and he worked at the same school like my granny. She was a math teacher. They met each other and after some time got married. Grandpa was really good at physics he had a professor’s degree. After 2 years he became a head teacher but he did not like it and became a teacher again. He told me it was a very responsible job and he did not have enough time to do his physics job and he liked it much more than to do routine work.

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