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Nazgul’s Grandparents’ BIG Love!

It is a story about big love of my lovely grandparents. It was love in very hard time-after war period. Everywhere was lack of food, resources, lack of everything. All people were enduring the consequences of World War II. In spite of this difficult time, in North Kazakhstan, in a small city was born a strong, unbreakable love.

My grandmother’s name is Gulya. It is the Kazakh name, if to translate it to English it means “Flower”, a very beautiful name. My grandfather’s name is Uali, translated means “Brave”. My grandparents were studying at the same school. My granny was very beautiful, active, sociable, and merry girl. She was trying to take part in all social works in the city, school. Everyone loved her. She had a lot of admirers. In contrast to her, my grandpa was very strict disciplined, not talkative, not so beautiful and calm boy. But he was very good, kind, open person. In middle school he moved to a new class and met her, my granny. From this time starts new big love. They fell in love from the first time. Granny had noticed something interesting in him, something unusual, he was different from the other guys. Maybe because he had beautiful eyes and was very tall?


My grandparents graduated from school one day, together. After this, granny entered medical university, grandpa entered the agricultural university. All this time they were together. When they were 3-d year students, grandpa was working and earning money. He could provide a good life for himself and his Love. He decided to marry my granny. They had a modest wedding, just close friends and relatives. It was an appearing of new family.

My grandparents traveled a lot. They were in different countries, spent a lot of time together. After a few years later my granny became pregnant. It was a big happiness! They were waiting for this baby for so long! Nine month past, everyone was so happy, it was a boy! Ten years later they had three boys, three lucky boys. Grandpa was happy that he had so many boys, but granny was grieved. She always wanted a girl. It was a big happy family. Boys were growing together, studying at the same school. My grandpa loved granny so much. He was doing everything for her, He had own business, granny was sitting at home with a boys.

Time was going, years were passing. Almost sixty years, they still together, still in love! Boys become adults. They have theirs own children, own family. Now my grandparents are very old, but they are very happy! We are living with them, love them. They have spent usual life, nothing special: first meeting, first date, marriage, children, old age, grandchildren…but this life is full of love and happiness.

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