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Akbota’s Families were Left Fatherless

Childhood without grandparents is not sterling and children who have grandparents are very happy. So, can I say that I am happy? Of course, in spite of the fact, that I have never seen both my grandfathers and one of my granny lived far from me, but my other grandma lives near us and more of that she lives with us while I went to school, down to 8 classes. So let’s begin the story about my grandmothers and grandfathers.

Firstly I want to tell about my grandparents from father’s side. My grandfather’s name was Sadyrbek. He was an operator of a state farm. Grandpa died at age thirty seven, when my father was only at five, that is why he remembers next to nothing. My grandma’s name was Aklima. She died two years ago. She was very ill because of high blood pressure and that is why she recently just rested on the bed. Her life was not easy because when she was thirty four she became alone with seven children. My granny was a strong woman, because she could grow up, bring up the children and each of them had received higher education, found their place in the society and got a family. Unfortunately, I saw grandmother seldom because she lived far from us, in a village which is near to Astana. She was very kind, affable and careful. Father’s parents lived in state farm in Turgai areas and during Soviet time they lifted virgin soil.

And now I want to move to the story about my grandparents from mother’s side. Grandfather’s name was Seitkazy. He graduated from the Agricultural Institute, and then he worked as the main agriculturist in the town of Issyk. He died at thirty three, when my mother was only three years old. She told me that she has only one very bright memory about her father: “She walked on the bridge and her parents held her hands, and she jumped and laughed.”

My grandmother’s name is Zhumagul. Now she is sixty seven years old. She is very cheerful, kind, and sympathetic. Her life was not easy too. When she was twenty eight, she lost her husband and became alone with four daughters, the elder child was at five and the youngest was a few months old. So, grandma had to bring up children and also work to support family.

After some years, the youngest daughter died when she was only nine because one nurse gave her injection incorrectly. It was the next blow for my grandmother, but she could find strength and further bring up children, give them high education and marry them off. Now grandmother is very happy, because she has five grandsons. She always cooks different tasty dishes, gifts, pies, cakes and makes us presents. Every week we visit her and celebrate all holidays together as one big family. And I remember when I studied at the elementary school, she always saw me off and met me, made me a dinner, helped me with my homework.

Finally, I want to say, that everyone should be happy that they have grandparents. We always should help them, make them happy with our progress, visit them more because they are always waiting for us and to tell that we love them.

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