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Aizhan’s Grandmother Taught in “Country No. 5”

It was in 1951. One young beautiful woman arrived to Uzbekistan from Russia. Exactly, from the Molotychi country. It is related to Kursk region. After graduating from training college she was sent to another country that doesn’t have a name in order to teach children. It was called “The Country № 5”.This brave woman’s name was Valentine. She worked and lived in school. And she met a pioneer guide there. He was the only person who spoke in Russian. It was my grandfather from my mother’s side. His name is Sahtash Hozhabergenov. And he is still alive.

Like my grandmother, he is a teacher. He worked as a teacher for 41 years. Also, he was a director of the “Pioneer’s Home”. Actually, he dreamed about theater because he wanted to be an actor. Anyway, my grandfather has a many hobbies. He plays all the types of stringed instruments. He liked to waltz with my grandmother and he called her “Frenchwoman” because she had curly, white blonde, had a light blue eyes. Amazing woman. Also, he paints very well. Especially, portraits and, very interesting, arms and flags of 15 Union republics on the red silk. I’m so proud of him when I’m writing all of it now. I didn’t live with him. Usually, he came to visit us to Almaty. But it wasn’t for long, maximum was three-four days. Unfortunately, I really don’t know him so much.

But I haven’t finished his story. My grandfather also was a hunter. One day, it was February when he came to home all icy. How did it happen? While hunting for fish, he fell down into the awfully cold water. So, all family beat off the ice on him. But the main thing is that this action was in a cold corridor. If you know, it wasn’t allowed be in a warm home, when you are so cold. He is a human who loves life, writes poetry and sings. He was grateful for the destiny of having children. They are four: Nurtas, Nurhat, my mother Galina and Sergei.

My grandmother Valya, (that’s how we called her) died in 1993. She had a cancer of lungs. After her death grandfather didn’t get married again. He still loves her. He says in Kazakh: “Кемпір үйді балалармен толтырып кетті”. In English it means: “Old woman fills the house with children and gone”. He cared for her seven years, so strong she was. For all of us she is a heroine. Seven years she struggled against the cancer. For life. Anyway, she is a winner. I love her so much. You know, I don’t speak Kazakh very good. All my relatives are Kazakh. I love them too. But I so deeply feel the Russian inside of me. I am proud of what I know, really know Russian language. One of the richest languages around the world. And I definitely know that we (I with my grandmother Valya) could be very close.

Now grandfather is blind. But, as I mention he loves life. And how he says for himself: “I wasn’t a communist, I don’t read a namaz, but I am Muslim”. He reads the Koran and believes in God. The Nurhat’s family lives with and care for him.


P.S. All grandfathers and grandmother’s personal information was given to me by my mother.

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