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Gaukhar’s Sad Family Background

My mother’s parents are closer to me and I know more about their lives than about my father’s parents. My grandmother’s name is Kulzada and I’m going to write about her life. She was born in 1934. Her parents were rich people and that was a time when people should have been afraid to show their status. When the Soviet government came, it was dangerous time when a lot innocent people were killed without any court. At the end of 1930s, her father was arrested and after 3 days he was shot. Her mother was left alone with 2 children and they didn’t even know that he had been killed. Her mother was waiting for him all her life and only in the end of the 1980s, when she was sent a paper that informed her that her husband was dead.

My grandmother, Kulzada, had a hard childhood with the days when there was nothing to eat and nothing to wear and they had to walk barefoot without any boots in the snow. But that was a hard time not only for them, but also for everybody, because it was war-time. She finished her 4-year education and was helping her mother, because her elder brother was sent to the war. She finished courses to be a seamstress and started to work by a trade. Then she married my grandfather and in their family 3 daughters appeared. The youngest is my mother. After my mother was born, my grandparents got divorced.

After that, my grandmother moved to Kostanaiskaya oblast where her elder brother lived. My grandmother’s elder brother married too and had 9 children, so there was a huge family. They lived close and helped each other, because that was what their mother always wanted to do. My grandmother had been working in a garment factory for 40 years and did a great job. She received a set of certificates of honour, medals and awarded ranks. She was bringing her three daughters alone without any help so that she had to work a lot. All of them graduated from universities. My mother finished university in Karaganda, married to my father and moved to Arkalyk. In the 1990th all sisters with their families moved to Almaty. My grandmother retired and came to Almaty too and started living in Kaskelen. She helped to raise us children. In 1998 her elder daughter and my aunt died, she left a 16-years old son.

My grandfather married a second time. He also had 3 more children – 2 daughters and 1 son. All his family lived in Karaganda. We didn’t know everything about them until we came to Almaty, because his daughter, my aunt lives here in Almaty. We meet sometimes for some holidays. She has a daughter and she is the same age as me.

Last year my grandmother died. She was 72. Everybody knew her as a kind and fair person. She had a hard life and she never complained, because that was outside of rules of a Soviet Union person.

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