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Hardships of Balnura’s Grandparents

Now I am going to write about the stories, which my lovely grandparents told me. Since my early childhood I spend all my summer holidays at my grandparents’ home. When I was a child I very liked, when my grandmother told me different fairy-tales, especially  Kolobok (Circle Side)”,  Krasnaya shapochka”, (Little Red Riding Hood) “Kurochka ryaba” (Speckled Hen) and other interesting fairy-tales every night, sometimes she told me some stories from her life and her parents’ lives.

My Grandmother is Tatar by nationality, but she had never been in Kazan. Because her parents were forced to transfer to Kazakhstan. At that time, in 1928, the government began to take away money, property etc. from rich people who came to Kazakhstan. And my grandmother was born in 1934 in this country. In that period of time, as we know from history was famine. A lot of people died, it was a very hard time. It is a miracle that some could survive.

Also my grandfather had a hard childhood. All his sisters and brothers, including parents died during the famine, because of shortage of food. They had nothing to eat. As my grandmother told me, people even ate their own children. At that time they had neighbors, who had a 6 years old child, who had played in the street everyday, one day, he disappeared. And when my grandmother’s parents went to their neighbors’ house they saw how the leg of that boy was boiling. As we see, people who are too hungry don’t see if it is their child and they become like a beast or wild animal.

When my grandfather stayed alone, his one far relative took him for upbringing. Even though he was an uncle of him, he forced him to do all the heavy work. He grazed sheep, and did all such works. His uncle was very rich, but even though he didn’t let him to study or to live as a normal child. His attitude to him was like to slave. But his children which were at the same age, didn’t do anything.

My grandfather was really hard working and he strived for knowledge. He learnt to read and write by himself at night, while everybody else was sleeping. Because, if his uncle had known about it, he would have beaten him and treated him worse. He hadn’t any clothes to wear and no foot-wear. In winter he fastened on material and went out. One day he ran away from his uncle. Then he was sent into children’s home where he grew up. After that, he went into the army, then he entered militia school and met my grandmother. Since that time they lived together.

Everything he achieved was with his own work and hands, then he became chief of militia. I am very proud of him. Even it was too hard and difficult, they could resist. I love my grandparents very much. Thank God, now they are alive and healthy. I hope they will live with us for a very, very long time, and every time will give us their useful advice.

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