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Alexandra’s Grandmother Knows What Life is Worth

В бою побывать – цену жизни узнать

To be in a battle is to know what a life is worth

For me this essay is not just an assignment not just a composition, but it is a family history, because it is about my grandmother. I believe I speak for my whole family in saying that we have the greatest grandmother anyone could ever ask for. While thinking about her I cannot help but have a smile on my face. I’m really proud of her.

While describing my granny, I can say a lot about her life in society, about her profession, but let me tell about her childhood during World War II.

Her family lived in Ukraine, which at the time was part of Soviet Union. Their home town was located close to the border with Poland. From what my grandmother told me, life was amazing. Both of her parents were working at a factory in a nearby town and were loving parents to all children. My grandmother was a baby sister to two older brothers. She was doing fine in school. She liked dancing and knitting most of all. They had living a great country life.

She was only 8 years old when World War II knocked to the house. In 1939 the German armies took over Poland and the life in Ukraine was becoming more and more unbearable. My great grandfather and both of his sons were called in to active duty with the Red Army. My grandmother and her mother were left alone close to the Nazi occupied Poland. With the Russian armies stationed in their town the stories and rumors of the Nazis inviting the USSR grew and so did fear. My great grandmother decided to leave their home town and relocate to Kiev, which is where my great grandfather and her brothers were stationed at the time. They packed everything that could take with them and got on a train. It was tough for both of them to leave their home, but knowing that the family will be together again and safe made it all worth it. From what my grandmother has told me, seeing her father and brothers at the train station was one of the most emotional moments in her life.

Sure enough the Nazis did attack the Soviet Union and my great grandfather and his sons were called in to the front lines. The trip to the train station with her brothers and her father was difficult. She understood that there is a good chance she may never see them again. She couldn’t do anything to stop them from leaving but she did knit all of them hats, so they could remember home and know that she was waiting for them to.

As you can imagine it was very tough on both my grandmother and her mom as the war moved closer and Russian casualties were growing with every day. My great grandmother decided to volunteer at a war hospital. As I have mentioned, my grandmother was seven at the time and since the schools had been closed, the only place my grandmother could be is at work with her mom. As time went by the little seven year old girl who should be going to school and enjoying life, was helping to take care of wounded soldiers that were coming in from the front lines of the war.

Finally, the war ended taking my grandmothers father and one her brothers lives with it. It took some time for them to find her brother who survived, but they were finally reunited. I think the war has had a big effect on my grandmother as a person and I adore everything about her. She is one of greatest people in the whole world. In spite of the cruel condition of the war, and the Nazi aggression knocking on every door, that little girl was able to keep her kind hearted ways.

Now she is a grown woman and the foundation of the family. She brings warmth and love to everyone around her. Even though it has been a long time since the war, you can still see the little girl who is in need of affection. We’ll take care of you grandma!

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