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Maira’s Grandparents from Gambul Region

All my grandparents lived in Gambul region, Merke. My Great-grandfather Gatin was born in 1904. He was very strong. He was a chairman of his village. He liked playing with his grandchildren. He liked to ride horse, he was good rider. But once he fell in horse races and broke his leg. After that, he had problems with his leg and his left leg was amputated.

My great-grandmother name is Bubuchai. She was born in 1902. She was very quiet and kind. She loved children greatly. She gave birth to eight children. Grandmother Raikhan was only daughter to her parents. Other children died early. They were ill with bad sickness, it was an epidemic. My grandmother told me interesting history. The great-grandfather gave daughter to children’s house in Kyrgyzstan. Thus he wanted to save her from death. Later he kidnapped his daughter from children’s house because chief of children house didn’t want to give her back. Thus he rescued his daughter’s life. Then the great-grandmother couldn’t give birth to child. Kazakhs considered that only sons were continuator of race. The grandfather wanted to have son. My great-grandmother agreed that her husband was married second times. So the great-grandfather was married to my second great-grandmother Asil. Unfortunately the second wife didn’t give birth. My great-grandfather lived with two wives in one house peacefully. Great-grandmother Bubuchai helped my grandmother raise up my father as well as all of my uncles and aunts. I remembered great-grandmother Bubuchai lying in bed. She was ill about a year. I and my grandmother called on her every day. She gave me sweets every day. She died when I was four years old. Great-grandfather Gatin died in 1984 when he was 80. His second wife died last year.

My grandfather Abdraman was born in 1902. My father and grandmother told me about my grandfather Abdraman. He had green eyes as my father and brown hair. He was a very strong believer where he observed all duties of a Muslim. He read “namaz” five times a day. He didn’t like to be photographed. So we have only one of his photos. He could have read books in Arabic languages. He had many old books in Arabic. My grandmother saved these books all her life. Now my uncle keeps these books. My grandmother was the second wife to my grandfather. His first wife died when he was in World War II. They had a daughter. He come back home in 1946. So he was married to my grandmother in 1947.

My grandmother Raikhan was born in 1922. She was beautiful and spoilt. One young man had fallen in love with my grandmother. She loved him too. They were married when she was fifteen years old. At that time girls married early. After a year she gave birth to a child. In 1940 her husband was taken away in Soviet Army. Then started World War II in 1941. He didn’t come back home because he died in war. Her son was adopted by the great-grandfather. So my grandmother was married to my grandfather in 1947. He was much older than his wife, by twenty years. They raised up four sons and two daughters. My father was the first child. My grandfather died in 1968 so I didn’t see him. I was raised by the grandmother. I lived with grandmother until 1987. She died in 2001. She lived to be 80 years old.


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