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Timur is very proud of his Grandparents


My family consists of my mother, father and a little brother. My mother’s parents are still alive. My grandfather was born in West Kazakhstan province seventy six years ago. His father was a fisherman on the Caspian Sea. My grandfather graduated from Medical Institute and started his work as a chief doctor of Rayon hospital in the village. He married my grandmother and they have grown four children, one of them is my mother.

Currently, there are thirteen grandchildren including me. The Soviet government awarded him with different prizes and remuneration. He devoted 40 years of his life to the strengthening of the West Kazakhstan province health system. He is an author of more than 100 scientific articles including three textbooks for students. He is a well organized person and works as a teacher in University of Aturau.

My grandmother was born in Central Kazakhstan’ province. Her father was a famous journalist in Karaganda city. My grandmother had worked as a specialist of sanitary epidemiological service in Atyrau city.

My father’s parents have already died. My father’s father was born in Semipalatinsk where he worked in a bank. He had participated in the Second World War as a soldier of Soviet Army.

He was awarded by the Soviet government several times. He died in 1974 because of multiple wounds. My father’s mother worked on a farm. She had a very strong personality and she was elected as a chairman of a collective farm. She, with her husband, had raise 8 children. During her whole life she had worked hard and tried to give her own and adopted children all she could – education, food and clothes. She often told us different stories about her life back in 1944 when the War started. It was difficult times when people had been working for even 20 hours a day and night for the Front. Only hope of Victory was helping them. She remembered how she met my grandfather from the Front when the war ended. They decided to never separate again.

I’m very proud of my grandparents. They showed me how strong we can be.


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