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Adil’s 75 year old Grandfather Uses Internet


My grandfather’s name is Kenesbay Tabyldy. He was born in year 1933 in a rural school-teacher family. When The Great Patriotic War began, he was only 8 years old. His father went to the Front and was killed by the enemies. Despite difficulties and destitutions during the war years, his family like other Soviet people, worked hard for the victory.

After finishing the school in 1948, my grandfather began his education in Kazakh Institute of Mining and Smelting and graduated in the year 1953 as an exploration geologist. At the same time he got married. He began his working activity at Karatau mining pit as a geologist. After gaining wide practical experience, he switched to applied geological science. He was engaged in research and was a faculty member of Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. My grandfather is the author of more than 60 research papers and publications. One of them was the Russian-Kazakh dictionary of geological terms, which is now in use by students of geological and mining faculties of universities and colleges in Kazakhstan. My grandfather also was one of the founders of Mangystau Polytechnic Institute in Shevchenko (now – Aktau) town – the center of Mangystau oblast in the Western Kazakhstan. He served as a dean in that institute for many years.

Currently my grandfather is 75 years old and is on honored pensioner. He was awarded by government orders, medals and diplomas. He is held in high respect of scientists and all the people of Kazakhstan.

My grandfather is a happy, cheerful and energetic person. He continues to work by writing essays about the history of Kazakh people and about his ancestry, parents and family. We all like reading those essays. He has hobbies like numismatics and philately. He collected large collection of badges, coins and postage stamps. He also likes playing chess and preference games. Despite his age, he became familiar with the computer and enjoys the Internet. He has many friends around the world and sends to and receives e-mails from them. Internet is also a source of information for him, especially for his papers.

My grandfather is at the head of a large family. He has seven children – six daughters and only one son, and many grandchildren and great-grandsons and great-daughters. He loves his family very much. Family members love their grandfather and grandmother very much. I love them very much as well.


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