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Gulden’s Grandparents Resource of Knowledge

Kazakh tradition says that old people are the resource of knowledge on how to live. Because of this young people should respect them. Moreover there are some points in relations between generations:

Youth shouldn’t stop the speech or movement of elders. The society convicts that behavior particularly.

 If parents have a big family they still live with the youngest son. Men play important role. They continue family’s line and it is important to teach their children.

 It is very important for every Kazakh people to know own seven generations of grandfathers. Because people is relatives inside of this and could not marry.

I did not see my grandparents. They died before I was born. Both of my parents lost their fathers in childhood. My father was the smallest child and single son in his family. And my mother like him was the last child and single daughter. My grandmothers were great women. Although I did not know them I am sure that they were kind and clever. I heard about my grandparents from my relatives. And I feel how my parents loved them. I have black-white photos of my grandparents. It is very interesting for me. They were very beautiful couples.

Like my parents I lost my father. He died when I was a 14 years old. I am sorry that my children would not see him. My father was an idol for me and he still is. I will tell to my future children about him as much as possible. My mother is the greatest person for me. She lost her husband, who was a love and life for her, but she found force to grow us. Our family consists of 5 children.

I am very glad that my mother has grandchildren. They love her. If children have grandparents they will be more happy people. In the current time most parents are busy and have no time to look after them. In this case grandparents plays role of parents and give their attention to child’s behavior.

In my opinion our grandparents are like a history. As we know humanity could not make future without history. The entire world is changed, time run quickly. Everybody will become older. The main aim of everyone should be to give good example to children.

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