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Aigerim S. and Makpal’s Grandparents – short stories

Aigerim’s Grandparents – I have grandparents who are parents of my father and grandmother from my mother’s side. My grandparents live with my uncle and his family. Kazakh people have custom in which the youngest child in the family must live with his parents. But it must be only boy, because girls can’t live with their parents after marriage. My grandfather was the only child in his family.

My grandmother was daughter of the third wife, who was from Kyrgizya, of my grandfather’s father. Very interesting fact is that, when my grandparents got married my grandmother was only 16 years old and she had never gone to school. She didn’t get an education, so she had been housewife all her life. When they lived in village, they used to have some animals like sheep, horses and cows, and sometimes my grandfather used to go to mountains with animals for whole night. I think it was very difficult and maybe now I am able to understand why he sometimes went to sleep during the meals.

One of the things I remember from my childhood is that when my grandparents quarreled, my grandfather always broke some dishes. And I must mention that my grandparents lived sometimes in China. Sometimes they tell us interesting stories about their lives there. I think their life was full of interesting moments, I have never heard them complain about life.

Makpal’s grandparents

I love my Grandparents very much. They kept and multiplied their Love, Respect, Faith through their lives. My Grandparents are hard-working, well-educated people. They traveled a lot and visited almost all countries of USSR. My Grandmother Batima ran a big bakery and one of my vivid recollection of my childhood is the smell of newly-baked bread. Grandma every day brought us hot and crispy white bread and buns.

My Grandfather was chief accountant of «Kazselhoztehnika». We saved his counting frame[abacus]. My Grandparents lived in eastern Kazakhstan, in Targabatay village. It is very fertile land. My grandparents had their own big house and they lived with my great-grandma Zhamish. Zhamish was a very strong woman. She cooked delicious food and did so quickly. She could lace a dress in an hour. She had her own trunk where she kept beautiful materials.

My Grandparents had vegetable and fruit garden, and they had horned cattle. I remember when grandma came home, she quickly changed clothes to milk a cow. All food on our table was self-made and natural: sour cream, curds, home-made-jam, baursak. I still wonder how my grandparents had time to work, bring up grandchildren, and hold down truck and live farming. In autumn we would go to water-melon plantation and helped to gather in the harvest. My grandparents solved problems together. I will always remember their Love which they gave me.

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