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Final Advice from Mukan’s Grandparents

First of all, I want to say that I’m very happy guy, because both of my grandparents are still alive. My Grandfather from my mother’s side I know about him not so much only that he was born in Gurev(Atyrau), at 15 years old he lost his parents and with his little sister he moved to Almaty. After he graduated from school in Almaty he wanted to marry my grandmother, but her parents refused because my grandfather was graduated only from school. That is why my grandfather entered to Moscow State University to agricultural faculty. When he returned to Almaty, he got married to my grandmother and started to work in the meat-packing factory as a specialist. When I was born, he had been director of that meat-packing factory. Now he is retired.

My grandfather from the father side was born in Almaty. In his young age he lost his father. So my greatgrandmother brought up my grandfather and his sister. After he graduated from school, my granddad entered to the University of National Economy in Almaty. After it he had upgreats in Moscow. Then he started working in cabinet council as a specialist. But he couldn’t advance there. The reason was that my great-grandfather had been owner of livestock. When Soviet party began to expropriate land and livestock, my great-grandfather had migrated to China. Then in China during the civil war, the Soviet party won. They also wanted to expropriate my great-grandfather’s livestock. He went back to Kazakhstan. That’s why my great-grandfather had a bad reputation. Because of that my grandfather couldn’t advance in his job. After some years working there he tried and so decided to move to another job of brickworks. And till the retiring he worked there.

My grandmother from my mother’s side, also known to me not so good. She was born in Gurev(Atyrau) as was my grandfather. Then she moved to Almaty for education. And till retiring worked in patent office in Almaty.

Finally, my last grandmother from my father side. She was born in Ushtobe. She has a sister and brother. She also moved to Almaty for education. She studied in Pedagogical Institute. Then she worked in publishing house as redactor. She published a lot of books for example Chemistry for 10, 11 grade. After retiring she continued teaching in the Almaty state university as teacher of chemistry. And still she is teaching there. Grandmother’s father also was redactor, but of newspaper. He worked during WWII and wrote a lot of patriotical topics. And when I was born he was still alive. As I remember he was very strong person – man of honour. But he died 7-10 years ago. My grandmother’s biography is in publisher’s encyclopaediа.

I’m not so clever as they. They taught us and showed us the way. For example: my grandfather from the father’s side, said that I must know not only present situation, but also the past is necessary. That’s why he traveled 2-3 years ago all over Kazakhstan to make our family-tree. And he did it. I’m very proud of my grandparents.

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