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Soviet Postcard “Leftovers”

two baby ducksThis past month of May blogging I’ve gotten some mileage from all the scanning I did of 50 year old Soviet postcards, about 35 of them front and back. I always think this will be my last segment of showing off the artwork from the 1950s until I run out of words. So, my fall back is to go to my “scanned pictures” folder to find something else to share with my blog audience. animal picnic

I’m outta words today and thought I’d share these “leftovers.” Amazing that “leftovers” is a new word to my Kazakh teaching colleagues, a word we take for granted. They think it is an interesting word combination in English, perhaps they have a good word with a similar meaning in either Russian or Kazakh. In any case, we have words in our lexicon that we may use so much without thinking and then when nonnative speakers try to use it, it becomes new to us again. Why do we use the phrasal verb of “left over?” Why use the irregular verb “leave” when the food didn’t go anywhere but stayed on the table? Why not say “uneaten food” or “remaining food?” The English language can be idiomatically complex sometimes. Enjoy my “leftovers” of Soviet artwork from scanned postcards, invitation and mini-record album for children.Happy new year cardrecord writing

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