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Russian Handwriting and Stamp Side of Soviet Postcards

children and projects writingIn earlier posts this past month I’ve been showcasing the Soviet Postcards from 40-50 years ago. Today I will show just a few of the Soviet Stamps that are from the 1960s. I would like to ask other of my Kazakh or Kazakhstani colleagues to give me their old photos or postcards to scan. I’m thankful to Sholpan for trusting me with the treasure from her family. Some of the handwriting is not only Russian but Kazakh as well, both Greek to me.

On a side note, I found out from a teaching colleague of Ken’s who went up to Moscow recently that there is definitely a resurgence of hammer and sickle emblems. In fact, Russian impersonators are parading around in Red Square as Lenin or Stalin lookalikes to have tourists take pictures of them in their get up. Kind of like Elvis Presley wannabes who dress up and sing in Elvis’ different incarnations. Why is there all of a sudden such Soviet nostalgia for those criminal days of Lenin and Stalin? That continues to perplex and trouble me.singing baby writingthree roses writingpansies writinghappy children writingchild and snowman writingchild happy new year writing

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