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Roses Art on Soviet Postcards

three rosesBusy time for us teaching professionals before graduation at our university this weekend.  We have to go to practice today to find out how to walk down the aisle in the big hall and how to sit through instructions that are meant for other people, not us.  Possibly busy people, such as my teaching colleagues and me, may have forgotten how the commencement exercise went from all preceding years.  Maybe we will be sitting on the RIGHT side of the auditorium instead of the LEFT.  For people who deal with the minds of those walking across the platform, it is mind numbing to think that we must go through this practice.  So MUCH else to do!!!  Seems the Soviet mentality reigns supreme in making this mandatory. So, I am showcasing Soviet artists rendition of roses that were painted or photographed over 50 years ago.  I think we ALL deserve roses for going through this “practice exercise.”four roses in vasetwo white roseswild rosesthree roses again

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