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Happy Kazakh Teachers at my University

good guessersLast week we had a seminar where about 20 teachers gathered to hear my talk about TESOL 2009 in Denver. But I mostly stressed to my colleagues about sending proposals in for the upcoming TESOL conference in Boston in March 2010. The deadline to electronically submit is June 2nd. As far as I know, there are nine of us in the Language Center who are TESOL, International members who have paid our annual dues. At my seminar, five were presented “Certificates of Appreciation” for being TESOL members with all the benefits which accompany that. Now I would hope to have a TESOL affiliate organization in Kazakhstan and some of these teachers might be the ones to spearhead such a thing. We shall see…such things take energy to do.May 1 picture with 5 certificatesJester picture with 5 certificates

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