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Sharing Ideas in Kazakhstan and more Soviet Postcards

Copy of girl w daisy crownOne of the last questions I asked my fellow English teachers in the Language Center was the following: How can sharing of ideas be done more efficiently in Kazakhstan? I believe we should have an affiliate TESOL organization in Kazakhstan.  There are 100 affiliates of this international organization throughout the world.  I know it was very active in Ukraine  when I taught there and it helped that Ukrainian teachers did not have to go to U.S. or Canada for a TESOL conference if they could share their ideas in their own country of how to teach best and learn from others about their research.  I’m hoping that about five or six Kazakhstani teachers join me next year for TESOL 2010 in Boston and then we can work on the details of establishing this vital organization in Kazakhstan.

Assel – If TESOL affiliation were in KZ it would be great. If different conferences, workshops, seminars are conducted on a regular basis, it will be very fruitful. Here in our university it is common but in other universities, seminars, workshops are not popular.

Kamiya – We can have more presentations, like this one, or participate in different conferences. But the most important thing for us to do it in a more efficient way is just to be eager to share ideas, to be eager to learn, and keep developing. For this we have to cooperate with other teachers (e.g. from other universities)

Irina Krzh – First, through encouraging the teachers to participate in all kinds of seminars, conferences, meetings; through advertising the educational programs, organizations where the teachers can be fully involved, organizing open-class sessions where the teachers can demonstrate their methods of teaching; through encouraging the teachers to become students of our MA TESOL program where they can get a lot of theoretical background for their teaching.

Leonid – by setting up a local TESOL association we can also get in touch with other TESOL organizations worldwide.

Yelena B – In KZ there are teachers’ associations practically in each big city plus there is the National Association of English teachers. They’re doing a lot. I think our own university teachers should be members of at least Almaty association and take part in seminars, roundtables, workshops.

Nancy B. – Perhaps a clearinghouse of ideas, a website for posting ideas and requests for info. Maybe a list-serve, one in Russian, one in English? Perhaps a newsletter put out by a chairperson or head of our “affiliate to be?”infant being heldfather w daughter

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