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Sharing of Ideas and “Cold Realities” of Soviet Postcards

children sleddingMy next question to my teaching colleagues was the following: “Why is sharing of ideas important?” I liked all the answers but particularly Yuliya’s, we all need to keep pace and be “in the know” about what is happening around us with computer technology.

Clara – to acquire more information, to learn from others. Sometimes young generation knows more than we do.

Assel – It is important, even vital because it contributes to the process of teaching greatly. When you share, you learn much from others; new ideas can be generated.

Kamiya – It is IMPORTANT, because through this activity you have a possibility to improve your knowledge first. Secondly you help other teachers to better their skills and knowledge in the field…Sharing ideas betters education quality. It helps us to teach students in a more beneficial way, give them more than we could before and of course, it helps us not to stop developing ourselves.

Yuliya – Sharing ideas or information is the trend of the modern life. For the teacher, it is the most important thing because to be an expert in your field, you have to be “in the know” about what is happening and being done by others.

Tamara – It enriches you with new ideas and gives you a chance to look at what you hare doing critically. Your colleagues can give you a A PUSH to acquire more knowledge.

Nancy B. – Sharing ideas is important because we may not know where our own reasoning has gone awry. So it’s good to get feedback

Gulnar – “If you want to get something, give. In academic area, it is actual to share info because knowledge is worthwhile in circulation.

Luba – Sharing ideas means getting feedback on them from the people you’ve shared with them, getting feedback means getting encouragement or critique, which are both important for further progress. In the broader scale, sharing ideas means contributing to the development of language teaching of your community.three ice skatershappy children and snowmanchild and snowman

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