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“What Makes a Good Researcher?” and more Soviet postcards

chemists workingMore postcards I scanned from the Soviet past, some from 50 years ago. Also, I asked the question of my colleagues the other day, “What makes a good Researcher?” I thought Luba had the best answer to this question but liked reading the other teachers’ answers which included curiosity. I believe a researcher must be curious.

Svetlana – patience; accuracy; hard work; curiosity

Yuliya – curiosity, hard work, good organization of time

Yelena B. – being a good researcher means being curious, patient, hard working, possessing critical thinking skills

Nancy B. – a good researcher is diligent, thorough and inquisitive

Gulnar – one who is eager to learn new things; investigative, careful in details, ambitious

Luba – possess logical and critical thinking, good at seeing interesting ideas which the other people don’t see, have his/her own stand on the researched question. Doing research it is a continuous, never ending process, which means that you are constantly involved in reading, thinking, and sometimes you are obsessed with ideas and keep thinking in the kitchen, in the bus, even when sleeping.Soviet truckertrain and workersmen and pipedynamite photo

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