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More Soviet 50 year old postcards and “What makes a good teacher?”

going to schoolAccording to my Kazakhstani colleagues, “what makes a good teacher?” the answers are very interesting to me.  Seems it is, first and foremost, all about having “knowledge.” A more teacher-centered approach. Would American or other western teachers rank “knowledge” as the top quality for a good teacher?

Svetlana – knowledge in the subject taught, managerial skills, ability to facilitate the knowledge; being able to understand students’ needs and problems; hard work; constant self-development; good time management; cultural awareness)

Nazym – understanding the needs of the time and to be knowledgeable.

Irina Krzh.- Good teacher means: be patient, possess expertise; be ready to share your knowledge with colleagues, be interested in your students’ progress.

Vera – To be a good teacher you need to have the following characteristics: 1) be a professional; 2) be knowledgeable; 3) be patient; 4) be able to predict problems the students may encounter and minimize these problems; 5) most importantly, you should LOVE YOUR JOB!

Leonid – to be evenhanded; to be ready to sacrifice; to love kids; to be ambitious; meticulous.

Olga – hard work, organization, love of work and studentsthree cultures

Yelena – Being a good teacher means being knowledgeable, professional and love what you are doing, respect your students and be interested in their progress.

Gulnar – a good teacher is someone who is knowledgeable, is eager to share his knowledge, can facilitate studying, create in-class atmosphere.

Luba – a good teacher is always willing to learn, wants to be professional, is ready to step into students’ shoes, understanding and sympathetic.

Irina Kat. – First of all, you have to be a born teacher like me. All my life from my childhood, I was willing (it was my dream to be a teacher) And at last in 19—my dreams came true. Secondly, you have to work hard, it’s necessary to be creative, curious and respect your students. Not only respect, but love (again, like me, I’m not boasting, it’s true)children and projectspioneers without greeting

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